From academia to poetry

Almost two years ago, my dear friend and writer Robert Roth asked me if I wanted to contribute a piece to his magazine And Then. “Can you write something about street vendors in New York? It can be anything, as long as it’s short and accessible.” It took me longer to knock out a 200-word piece for a broad audience than a full-blown scholarly article for fellow historians.

Visiting Scientist Day

Visiting Scientist Day was by far the most enriching outreach event I have been a part of so far. NYU’s Office of Postdoctoral Affairs co-organized this exciting day where fourth and fifth graders, with their clipboards and pencils in hand, fired questions at a group of seventeen scientists of different backgrounds, ranging from STEM research to archaeology and food studies.


NYU’s CityFood Symposium (New York, April 3rd-6th) expanded on the rich repertoire that scholars and journalists have developed in relation to street food, by initiating cross-comparisons of case studies and themes to better understand the micro and macro contexts shaping the political, economic, social and spatial dimensions of street food vending. The result was an enriching interdisciplinary forum that examined urban street food across place and time, with additional discussions concerning methodologies and data sources, paving the way for further conceptualizations.